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Au pair Denmark

 Welcome to The Aupairdenmark.com

We created Aupairdenmark.com because we want to make a real difference to the lives of families, young people and the communities we live in.

We wanted to be a none profit online organisation from Denmark who helps au pairs to get  a Scandinavian families.


Aupair Denmark is an agency that communicate aupairs from all over the world to Danish homes.

It is FREE au pair registration and membership, but if you want to be online is free.

It is free  to be not online member but get mails every week with families who are seeking an au pair.


Ready to Get Started?

Congratulations on your decision to apply to Aupairdenmark.com. Get started with the application process by filling in the form below. A representative in your home country will contact you soon and provide you with more information and a complete application form. We can help to find family in all scandinavian countrys and Europe.

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Why should you use our website?

Right now we are looking for au pairs from europe and other countrys, we have 12 familys who are waiting!

We guide Danish families to find the right suitable au-pair.

We help the au-pair and family with the formalities and paper work. We help the au-pair and family on conflict situations.

We help an au-pair to get to a safe home with reasonable work terms.

We protect familys and au pairs and we follow the rules of danish government read http://www.nyidanmark.dk 


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