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How Aupairdenmark protect you against internet hackers 

Safety is of the highest importance to us at Aupairdenmark.com It begins from the moment of your registration, with data protection and continues with the information 


  • Aupairdenmark are using complex systems to protect you and our data.
  • Aupairdenmark are using contant  control of profiles and activity on our homepage.
  •   100 % of the families on our website aupairdenmark.com are perfectly genuine. We have constantly conversations with them, and we approve their status and homes.Iinternet is full of scammers and we want you to be SAFE, mistakes and criminals are all over the world.NEVER send money for reason to any family , only with agreement with aupairdenmark can you do that. NEVER send any information (copy of passport, or other personal details) to a family’s only with agreement with aupairdenmark.co
  • Worried about a family from aupairdenmark.com? Ask ask for advice. 
  • Please contact us IF you have seen a suspicious family profile at aupairdenamrk.com or aupairagency.dk

    au pair website to find family in denmark

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