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Your profile is your personale buisniss card

It is calleed (CV)


1. Try to make your profile with so much details as possible. It will help to find you a serious Swedish or Danish family.

2. Write more when 20 lines in your aupair profile.

3. Start to write your au pair profile with "Dear family letter, I am aupair from......I am 20 years old, i like......"

4. Write what you can do, and write if you can clean and cook.

The more detailed and informative your profile is the better chances you have to find a host family. When creating your au pair profile try to look at yourself from the point of view of a host family who searches for an au-pair. What is really important for this family?

The fact that you want to get acquainted with the host country, learn its language and wish to travel is good. But is this the most important thing for the host family as well? Aupairagency would say no.

You should mention your experience with children in your profile. If you have younger siblings, so please tell about it. If you like music and play an instrument, it is also worth mentioning. These are great advantages which increase your chances! Please add your personal pictures to the profile – a picture speaks better then thousands of words! If you have pictures with you and the children you took care of, upload these pictures. And please remember:

The application for an au-pair job differs from applying for another job greatly; it means: please no classical candidate photos, and not too much make up or boyfriend photos.

Au pair agency recomend photos of you alone in nature or with children.


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